The history of the Satbayev University as a technical school is closely related to Kazakhstan’s technological development, history and culture. The Museum is presenting to the visitors the history of the University, its founding scientists, and the flow of gradual innovations that took place from the ancient times to date.

Our Museum is always developing, growing, and updating. Every year we add new sections, expositions, and musem pieces. We always organize exhibits, round tables, and seminars.

The secrets of discovery of fire, wheel, cart, and weapons from ancient nomadic culture will fitfill your interest!
Working hours:

Monday to Friday
9:00 - 17:00.

Ticket price:

To reserve Museum tours for up
(to 20 persons)

please call:  +7 (727) 320-40-55
+7 (702) 499-31-61

We will appreciate your feedback!

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