Age of Genghisids

Age of Genghisids

During the time of Jochi Ulys, new types of people appeared in the Great Steppe. Jochi's father, Genghis Khan, united all of the nomadic peoples, and began rebuilding the infrastructure of the former Turkic Khaganate. At that time, the talented, capable, and productive people from any social background came to the first ranks, instead of the old clan-tribal aristocracy. For them, for the first time in centuries, the "social elevators" opened their doors. And at the head of them stood the brave and intelligent leaders - Töre, that is, the descendants of Genghis Khan.




New features

Range weapons

Traditional bows and arrows

Bows and arrows are smaller

Melee weapons

Spears and pikes, curved bladed sabers, battle axes, maces, daggers

Curved blades mostly replaced straight blades

Body rotection

Lamellar, laminar, or chainmail armor

Chainmail was used more rarely before

Head protection

Helmets of Turkic type

Now with iron face masks


Wooden or iron round shields

New type of round shields made of wicker

Horse protection

Lamellar, laminar, or chainmail horse armor

Chainmail horse armor was used more rarely before


Cavalry pants, shirts, and long coats

Used new types of materials


Made from felt, animal fur or fabric

Used new types of materials


Leather cavalry boots with heels

Heels have gotten a little bigger

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