Kazakh Persona

Kazakh Persona

According to historians, "Kazakh, Kazaklyq" are ancient Turkic words. Their meaning is "free, liberated, independent". If the nomadic tribes quit another nation and went the Great Steppe to live independently, then they were considered to be "Kazakhs". Thus, the ancestors of today's Kazakhs did not want to quit their traditional nomadic lifestyle in the changing world, and moved back to the Great Steppe. Even the Kazakh leaders, the descendants of Genghis Khan or Kazakh Tore (royalty), were also different comparing to other Tores. Their power was limited, and their privileges were insignificant. This is because the traditions of the Great Steppe’s military democracy were still strong.




New features

Range weapons

Traditional bows and arrows are now accompanied with gunpowder weapons (pistols and rifles)

Addition of gunpowder weapons

Melee weapons

Spears and pikes, curved bladed sabers, battle axes, maces, daggers

Most of Kazakh weapons are meant for fencing

Body rotection

Chainmail armor with plate armor

Appearance of plate armor

Head protection

Helmets of Kazakh type

Now with face and nose visor


Thick leather or iron round shields

Optimization of shield-making technology

Horse protection

Lamellar, laminar, or chainmail horse armor

Horse armor is becoming obsolete


Cavalry pants, shirts, and long coats

Used new types of materials


Made from felt, animal fur or fabric

Used new types of materials


Leather cavalry boots with heels

Heels have gotten big

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