Mineralogical Museum

Gallery of Minerals and Mineralogical Museum of the Department of Geology Satbayev University invites you to visit it and get acquainted with the world of minerals and offers the following list of exhibitions:

  • industrial minerals;
  • mineral types;
  • mineral aggregates;
  • systematic mineralogy;
  • gems and decorative stones;
  • artificial (synthetic) minerals;
  • exotic exhibits.

Minerals are among the most amazing and beautiful creations of nature. Here you will see both a wide variety of natural chemical compounds and native elements, such as gold, silver, platinum, sulfur, carbon (diamonds from Russia and Kazakhstan), as well as products of artificial stone processing.

The exhibition is collected from various deposits of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other CIS republics and foreign countries - Africa, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Vietnam, etc. Here you will also see a collection of semi-precious stones of various colors and shades, processed on machines in our grinding and polishing laboratory. Among them is the lilac-violet charoite, an extremely viscous, but nevertheless perfectly processed jade. The attention of tourists is always attracted by the pink manganese mineral rhodonite (eagle). It is impossible to pass by the translucent or radially radiating formations of sinter aragonite. In adjacent display cases you can see stalactite formations of chalcedony, calcite, aragonite, druses of garnet and quartz, and chalcedony formations in geodes.

The Museum currently has approximately 3,000 specimens, including both common minerals and rare specimens.

Every week on Tuesday at 10.00 and Friday at 16.00 there is a tour for everyone.

Gathering near the entrance to the State Educational Institution (the main educational building - on Baitursynov-Satpayev Street, the building near the monument to K.I. Satpayev), the excursion is free

We invite everyone to visit the Gallery of Minerals and the Mineralogical Museum.


For all questions about visiting the Mineralogical Museum, please contact the leading engineer of the Department of Geology, Serzhan Abdykashevich Amantayev, s.amantayev@satbayev.university.


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