Six students and graduates of KazMMI were awarded the prized rank of Hero of the Soviet Union for their heroism and courage. They were: Vladimir Alekseyevich Zasyadko, Nikolay Danilovich Markelov, Nikolay Ivanovich Yashchenko, Moussa Baymukhanov, Maxim Gerassimovich Gubanov, Alexey Georgiyevich Toropkin.

V.A. Zasyadko
N.D. Markelov
N.I. Yashchenko
M. Baimukhanov
M.G. Gubanov
A.G. Toropkin

was united with the evacuated Moscow Institute of Non-ferrous Metalls and Gold named after M.I.Kalinin. The following new departments “Chipless shaping”, “Electrochemistry and corrosion”, “Productions of casting and alloys”, “Metallurgical science” were included in the new joint institution.


New specialization “Minerals Processing” and Technological faculty with two educational programs “Technology of Non-ferrous Metals and Alloys” and “Economy of the Production of Non-ferrous Metals” were created.
New laboratories for metallurgical science and heat treatment, casting and alloys and a special workshop for chipless shaping were opened.


The first batch of mining surveyors graduated.
During wartime, the Institute completed 65 large research projects and 6 topographical and surveying tasks.


Training courses were reorganized into the preparatory division of KazMMI. 208 people, including 21 Kazakhs were enrolled to these courses. There was formed the fifth faculty – Oil faculty with two new educational programs – “Oil-field Business” and “Geology of Oil Fields”.


For the selfless work during the Great Patriotic War, Professor H. K. Avetisyan was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, Professor E.D. Shlygin and Associate Professor V.V. Favorskiy were awarded the Order of the Red Star, Professor A.V. Brichkin and Associate Professors, I.I. Bock, I.Z. Lysenko, and A.N. Kartashov were awarded the Order of the Badge of Honour, Associate Professor G.Ts. Medoyev was awarded the medal “For Distinguished Labour”. Eighty-one scientists and laboratory assistants of the Institute were awarded the medal “For Valorous Labor in the Great Patriotic War”.

H.K. Avetisyan
E.D. Shlygin
I.I. Bok
G.Ts. Medoyev
Medal “For Valorous Labor
in the Great Patriotic War

33 employees and students of KazMMI were awarded the badge “Outstanding Worker of the Socialist Competition” and Certificates of Appreciation of People’s Commissariat for Non-ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR, 32 people were recognised with Diplomas of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR. The honorary rank the “Honored worker of science and technology of KazSSR” was given to Professors H.K. Avetisyan, E.D. Shlygin and A.V. Brichkin. After the end of the war, lectures and seminars were restarted at all five courses and these were attended by 748 students.


In the first post-war year, 65 engineers graduated from the Institute. Among them was the first Kazakh woman a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of KazSSR, Zhamal Musagaliyevna Kanlybayeva, who at first was confirmed a degree of a Candidate and then Doctor of Technical Science in the field of mining. A methodology suggested by her for monitoring the stress state of rocks during mining of coal - seams, based on the use of radioactive isotopes, is widely used within the mining industry around the world.

Zh.M. Kanlybayeva

The faculties that functioned and the education programs offered at the institute were: Mining faculty with the following education programs: “Development of ore and loose fields”, “Surveying”, “Development of bedded (coal) fields”; Metallurgical faculty with the following education programs: “Metallurgy of Non-ferrous, Rare and Precious Metals”; Geological-prospecting faculty with the following education programs: “Geology and investigation of mineral deposits, “Engineering geology and hydrogeology”. As a part of SEB at the Mining faculty, D.A. Kunayev, the Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers of KazSSR was appointed as a Chairman of the State Examination Board.


An outstanding graduate of the year was Shakhmardan Yesenov. He worked as a senior geologist, a chief geologist and a chief engineer of Dzheskazgan complex geological exploration expedition. In 1961-1967 and 1974-1978 he was the Minister of Geology of KazSSR, in 1967-1974 he was the President of the Academy of Sciences of KazSSR and the Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of KazSSR. In 1978-1994 he was the Professor, Head of the Department of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute.


In KazMMI there were 3 faculties and 25 departments. The most notable graduate of the year was Yevney Arstanovich Buketov. He worked as an assistant and then an Associate Professor of metallurgy of light and rare metals. In 1960 he became the director of the Chemical- Metallurgical Institute of the AS of KazSSR in Karaganda. In 1969 Ye. A. Buketov was conferred on the USSR State Award. From March 1972 to the middle of January 1980 he was the Rector of Karaganda State University.

O.A. Baykonurov
Ye.A. Buketov

Omirkhan Aymagambetovich Baykonurov, a graduate of KazMMI, became the director of the Institute. Under his direction, the new education programs such as “Civil construction”, “Architecture”, “Oil”, as well as the specialties related to computer science and information technologies were opened The Academic Councils for the defense of doctoral and candidate theses were organized. In addition, the construction of a new campus was begun. It was O.A. Baykonurov who possessed the idea of organizing the branches and faculties of the Institute proper based on the large enterprises of Kazakhstan.


The student research society of KazMMI united 34 clubs including 700 students. These clubs were directed by 10 Doctors of Science and Professors, 30 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors (among them 2 laureats of State Prize) and 23 senior teachers.


The education program “Industrial and Civil Engineering” was formed at the Mining faculty.


With the participation of KazMMI, Ust-Kamenogorsk Construction and Road Institute was formed.

The main square of Ust-Kamenogorsk
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