“Sokolovsko-Sarbaisky Mining and Processing Plant”

New education programs “Automation of Production Processes in Non-ferrous Metallurgy”, “Automation of Production Processes in Mining Industry”, “Mechanical Outfit of Plants for Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metallurgy” were offered. In Rudny, the extramural industrial faculty on the basis of Sokolovsko-Sarbaysky mining processing plant was formed. In 1964 it was reorganized into a branch of KazPTI.

8 JULY 1960

KazMMI was reformed into the Kazakh Polytechnical Institute and was reffered to the leading higher educational institutions of the country.


Training of oil engineers was resumed. The department “Geology and Investigation of Oil and Gas Fields” and Construction engineering faculty were instituted with education programs “Industrial and Civil Engineering and Architecture”.

Meeting of workers of higher education and science. Moscow, Kremlin, 1961

The Academic Council of the Institute was granted the right of defense and approval of doctoral theses.


The education program “Heat, Gas Supply and Ventilation” that trained civil engineers in the mounting and operation of heating systems, ventilation and gas supply of the industrial, housing and cultural constructions was offered to students. The first student construction brigade of “students-polytechnicians” left for the virgin lands. Their labor feat was honoured by the Red Challenge Banner of the Central Committee of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League.

Breastplate of the "All-Union
Leninist Young Communist League", 1945

With the help of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (KazPTI), Tselinograd Construction-Engineering Institute was organized.


The number of students inducted rose to 8210. 7 faculties and 40 departments function. New faculties included: 1. Engineering and Economic; 2. Oil; 3. Architectural.


Vladimir Bakulin graduated as a civil engineer from the Institute. He would go on to become a Soviet Greco-Roman wrestler, the silver medallist of 1968 Olympic Games, the World champion, the champion of Europe, many-time winner of the championships of the USSR, Merited Master of Sport of the USSR. For many years, Zhanbek Saurambayev, the volleyball player, member of the USSR national team, winner of 1965 World Cup, the champion of Europe, the champion of the USSR and the Merited Master of Sport of the USSR worked as the Head of the department “Physical training”.

The first star cast of the band "Dos-Mukasan"

There was organized the legendary vocal-instrumental ensemble “Dos-Mukasan”. Essentially, a new stage in the development of the musical arts of Kazakhstan began with this collective. “Dos-Mukasan” was the first Kazakh music band to visit the USA and the only Kazakh musical collective which got onto the pages of the All-Union monthly current affairs, literary- musical audio magazine “Krugozor1”.

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