Andrey Ivanovich Koktov


Andrey Ivanovich Koktov was appointed as Institute director, he was a graduate of Moscow Mining Institute. In those years, a two-volume collection "Proceedings of Kazakhstan Mining and Metallurgical Institute" was published. In the first days of the Great Patriotic War, together with 23 teachers, 3 employees and 200 students, he joined the ranks of Motherland defenders. A.I.Kotov and the secretary of the Institute party organization Mussa Kurmangaliyev did not return from the front. Six students and graduates of KazMMI for their heroism and courage were awarded the high title of the Soviet Union Hero - Mussa Baymukhanovich Baymukhanov, Maxim Gerassimovich Gubanov, Nikolai Danilovich Markelov, Nikolai Ivanovich Yashchenko, Alexey Georgevich Toropkin, Vladimir Alekseyevich Zasyadko. The memory of the victims will be forever alive in the university team.

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