Satbayev University gained the first place among the universities of the country in terms of funds won on a competitive basis for conducting research projects (7,467 million KZT for 3 years). The amount is 1.74 times more than it was in 2015 and indicates the high scientific, technical and research potential of the university. More than 70% of the 3,900 employees of SU and its subsidiaries and affiliates are involved in research and development activities.
At its inception and during the initial stages of its institution, the benchmark for the university was in its capacity to train specialists in geological exploration, mining of deposits and the industrial application of mined minerals. While this was appropriate when the economy of Kazakhstan was resource-based and heavily dependent on mining, the current focus is on Research and Advanced development for Digital Kazakhstan, reflecting present-day realities. Two aspects of the institution that have been strengthened are real applied projects and improvement of the quality of education, which stays apace with worldwide trends. T\The trends such as digitalization and the increasing importance of the English language are likely to have a permanent impact in many fields besides education. The rector of Satbayev University, I. Beisembetov, acknowledged these points and spoke about them at the meeting with the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev, on February 5th.

29 MARCH 2019

The ice arena of the Sport Palace named after Baluan Sholak hosted a friendly hockey game between the Polytechnic University alumni and the team “Delta”. The participants and spectators at the match were top managers of Satbayev University, honoured production workers, businesspersons, sportsmen and eminent public figures.


Chief of the Rector’s Office of Satbayev University
Berik Mukhtybayev is on the ice
10-11 APRIL 2019

Satbayev University welcomed the participants of the Third Annual International Innovative Forum of BIM Technologies aimed at implementing the digital technologies in practice for the cities planning and building. The International Academy of Architecture, the Institute of Architecture, Construction and Energy named after T.Basenov (a partner of Satbayev University), and the International Company Autodesk were the organizers of the event. Topical issues related to “Contemporary tendencies in sustainable development of town planning systems»; «Smart city and digital technologies»; «Cultural heritage as a factor of sustainable development” were analyzed during the forum. Experts in the field of architecture from Central Asia, Russia, Germany, Italy and Belgium demonstrated their achievements.

11 APRIL 2019

Satbayev University within the frame of Satbayev’s Readings held the International scientific-practical conference “Innovative technologies are the keys to successful decision-making of fundamental and applied issues in the ore and oil sectors of economy”. The conference was devoted to the topical problems of the country development in spheres such as engineering, construction, high technologies, machine building and education. During the conference 600 reports were presented. Teachers, students of Satbayev University and guests from other Kazakhstani cities took part in the sectional meetings of the conference.

12 APRIL 2019

The flowers were laid at the monument of K.I. Satbayev to the accompaniment of a brass band in a solemn ceremony held at Satbayev University campus. The participants of the ceremony were outstanding scientists of Kazakhstan, foreign guests, university staff and students who expressed their appreciation and honored the memory of the great son of the Kazakh Steppe, scientist-geologist and founder of the Academy of Science of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic – K.I. Satbayev. The representatives of Satbayev University took part in a solemn meeting devoted to the “Day of Scientists” which took place in the Academy of Science of Kazakhstan. More than 500 people including academicians and scientists of Kazakhstan, Vice-minister of Education and Science of the RK Ph.N. Shakypova, members of the national scientific Councils were present at this event. During the final part of the solemn ceremony the following awards were presented to the scientists.
A solemn congratulatory program was held at SU, where rewarding of sponsors and employees took place. For services to the university the KazNRTU administration awarded the anniversary medals to their patrons, most of whom are the graduates of the legendary “Polytech”. In their turn, for active participation in training the qualified specialists, the ALE “The Republican Association of Mining and Mining-Metallurgical Enterprises” (AMME), the Nuclear Society of Kazakhstan rewarded the university workers with Certificates of Appreciation and breastplates.
The festive events of the day ended with a grandiose gala-concert performed by the laureates of the 54th festival of artistic creativity “Spring of KazNRTU”.

Gala concert dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the academician K.I. Satbayev and the 85th anniversary of Satbayev University
23 MAY 2019
Satbayev University received the status of Technical University of Kazakhstan No. 1 according to the IQAA rating.
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