Ye.M. Shaikhutdinov

In the field of geology, a contract-based complex work involving the interpretation of seismic and aerospace data for preparing the publication of gravimetric maps of Kazakhstan was completed.
The study of higher molecular compounds in Kazakhstan was pioneered by Yerengaip Malikovich Shaikhutdinov, Rector of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute, whose fundamental and applied works were widely recognized. He implemented the process of multi-level training of specialists; due to this, the Institute obtained the status of the University.


Kazakh National Technical University conducted scientific-research work taking into consideration the economic situation, the scientific potential and basic scientific trends. The formed new scientific schools and trends were aimed at establishing the theoretical foundations and identifying technological recommendations for the development of higher technologies. The department “Labor Protection and Environment” of the Mining Faculty started to train specialists in the industrial ecology.
In the middle 1990s, the contract-based works were carried out together with enterprises:
SJSC “Yuzhneftegaz”,
Center of Ore management NAC “KATEP”,
JSC “Zheskazgantsvetmet”,
Pavlodar Aluminum Factory,
Karmetcombinat and others.
158 contract-based researches were carried out in 1992; in 1993 there were 90 contract-based projects; in 1994 – 44 contract-based projects; in 1995 – 22 contract-based projects and in 1996 – 12 contract-based projects.


KazPTI was reorganized into the Kazakh National Technical University (KazNTU).
The technological faculty to train engineers for developing chemical, oil-processing, metallurgical industry and the printing enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan was formed and it introduced the following education programs: “Polygraphic Machines and Automated Complexes», «Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances», «Chemical Technology of Higher-molecular Compounds», «Technology of Polygraphic Production», «Chemical Technology of Organic Substances». In the same year the scientific journal of the University (Vestnik of KazNTU) was first published.


The Republican Center for Retraining and Professional Development (RCRPD) of engineers and teachers in technical disciplines for higher educational institutions was created at the University. The University became the main higher educational institution for major foreign companies operating in Kazakhstan such as Siemens and Schlumberger. The cooperation with Universities from England, Italy, Canada, Japan, Finland and Germany was initiated at the University as well. The University actively participated in the European Tempus-TACIS program.


KazNTU became the only higher education institution in the CIS that was admitted to the Association of the Technical Universities of Russia. Six scientific-training manufacturing complexes were formed at the University. These were: geology and mining; oil and gas; mechanical engineering, technology and ecology; automation and informatization; metallurgy; power engineering and communication.


Ten academicians of AS of RK and seven academicians of the various International Academies work at KAZNTU.
The first graduation of environmental engineers in the specialty “Applied Ecology” took place this year.

K.I. Satbayev

For its meritorious contribution in training the technical specialists of the country, KAZNTU was renamed after the outstanding scientist-geologist and academician Kanysh Imantayevich Satbayev.
Kanysh Imantayevich Satbayev was a world famous scientist and one of the founders of the Soviet metallogenic science and the founder of the Kazakhstan school of metallogeny, Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, Professor, academician of AS of the Kazakh SSR, full member of AS of the USSR and first President of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR.
Kanysh Imantayevich Satbayev who had the unique human qualities, brilliant organizing talent and an ingenious mind was an example of selfless service to the people and Motherland. He gained fame not only as an outstanding organizer of Kazakhstani science but also as the geologist who found the Ulytau-Dzhezkazgansky field of copper, which at the time of its opening, was the world’s largest copper field. The work and the career of Kanysh Imantayevich Satbayev is closely connected with the development of our University.
In 1926 Kanysh Imantayevich Satbayev graduated from the Institute and received his qualification as a mining engineer. He was sent to the Atbasarsky multicorporate enterprise of nonferrous metals to become the head of the geology department. In 1927 he was elected as a board member of this trust. In 1941 at the initiative of Zh. Shayakhmetov, the 2nd secretary of the Central Committee of Kazakhstan, Kanysh Satbayev was posted to Alma-Ata. He was appointed as the director of the Institute of geological sciences and Vice-Chairman of the Presidium of the Kazakh branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (KazBAS of the USSR).
The scientific research of Kanysh Satbayev covers mainly such industries as geology, history and culture. Kanysh Imantayevich was not only an outstanding scientist, but also the practicing engineer with great work experience. He emphasized the continuity of geological science and investigation, considered the major objective the creation of the theoretical base for practical geology and engaged in the development of scientific basis of forecasting fields.


Six institutes were formed. These were: Institute of Art and Science named after A. Mashani; Engineering and Economic Institute; Institute of Informatics and Information Technology; Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Engineering; Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Technology and Ecology; Mining and Metallurgy Institute named after O.A. Baykonurov.
Nine Dissertation Councils for the defense of doctoral theses in fourteen specialties and two separate Councils for the defense of candidate theses in three other specialties were created.
The course «Satbayev Studies» was added to the educational programs. The K.I. Satbayev Award for outstanding merits was instituted, and, ever since, it has been given to the most deserving students annually.
The presentation of the international company «Schlumberger», Tempus-TACIS programs, the European Foundation for education and scientific academies were held in K.I. Satbayev KazNTU.

5 july 2001

K.I. Satbayev KazNTU was given the special status.
The First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with heads of universities of the republic

The university was included into a guild of 500 leaders of European higher education institutions. Also it signed the Great Charter of the Universities “Magna Charta Universitatum” in Bologna (Italy); thereby, the University entry into the zone of the European higher education has been legally issued.
The university was included in a consortium of the leading technical educational institutions of the European Union, became a member of the international association of Solan Energy scientific and technological center as well and was a part of a consortium of educational institutions of the USA. The training of specialists in the architectural and construction profile has been resumed this year.

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